Tips on Choosing An Auto Body Repair Shop

Last year I wrote an estimate on a van for a local company.  This van had front and rear end damage. My estimate was $6192.  This company was self insured so I found used parts and did a lot of work to try to save them money.  I remember handing my estimate to the gentleman and he gave me a funny look.  I asked what was wrong and he told me that my estimate was almost $3,000 higher than a competitor’s estimate.  He showed me the other estimate and upon reviewing the estimate we found the other shop had not even opened the hood to see the damaged radiator, condenser, fan assembly and other misc. parts.  This story leads to the BIG Question, “Which Body Shop Should I Choose To Repair My Car?”

1.  Ask Your Friends and Family

If you don’t have any relationships with a body shop start asking around.  It’s best to get several opinions.  Ask questions such as; “Why would you recommend this body shop?”  Don’t settle for mediocre comments like “They did OK.”  What you are really after is someone that was truly impressed by top-notch service.  Your friends and family are your best source for choosing a top notch shop.

  1.  Get Several Estimates

Normally I preach to people that they only need one estimate and they should choose the body shop of their choice, but if you get an estimate and you still feel uneasy about the situation go get a 2nd estimate.  Estimates from body shops can be very confusing.  You might find by going to get another estimate the 2nd body shop explained things much better and made you feel very comfortable.  Also when you’re getting estimates look for things like how busy the shop is, is the place clean or dirty, is the office staff friendly.

  1.   Trust Your Instinct

After asking around and getting several estimates you still have to decide what’s right for you and is this a place I want to do business with.  This is probably the most important step.