Deer Accidents

Today I would like to talk about deer accidents. This time of year the number of deer accidents is greatly increased.

One of the worst things anyone can do is to swerve to miss a deer. Although it may be your natural instinct to try to miss the deer, many times this can cause severe damage. People that attempt to miss the deer could end up in the ditch which could result in a rollover, or they could end up hitting something, such as a tree or culvert. This type of accident usually ends up causing more damage to the vehicle and, more importantly, could cause serious injury to the driver and passengers.

Another issue, of not hitting the deer, is the insurance aspect. When a person hits the deer, the insurance coverage falls under the umbrella "comprehensive". Comprehensive insurance falls under the "act of God" clause and, most times will not raise your insurance rates.

If you don't hit the deer and your car has damage, this would fall under "collision". Collision insurance will usually have a higher deductible, and it is more likely to raise your insurance rates when used. Although it can be very scary knowing you are going to hit the deer, this is usually the best option.

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