Do I need more than one estimate?

This question is presented to us quite often. For many years insurance companies would send customers to get 2 estimates.  The reason for this was to keep shops honest.  Over time they realized this led to some problems.  Almost always the lowest estimate would receive the work and this led to cars not necessarily being fixed right.  Another problem that came about was “low balling” to get the job and then the shop would send the insurance company a bill for additional damage.  As time progressed customer satisfaction started to drop and cars became more and more complicated.  The solution: Let the customer choose the shop they want to repair their car.  Insurance companies found they were getting better satisfaction ratings if the customer chose the repair shop.  Currently with the design of the newer cars it is almost impossible to assess the damage until the car is tore apart for inspection. Most insurance companies will now ask you where you want your car repaired, which is good for everyone.  In rare cases someone may still be asked to go get 2 estimates.  You are not required to get 2 estimates. There is no law that says you have to do this. The best method is to decide who you want to repair your car, contact them and then they can be in contact with the insurance company.  This is always the easiest solution for everyone and it keeps the customer from driving around all day to get estimates.

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